I had previously made the book available by email request only but because of its popularity, I’m posting the links to the Lulu site that hosts the print on demand service. The available books are a reprint of the Third Edition and are made available as a fund raising effort for the Association with permission from the original copyright holder’s estate.

What is it?

  1. A complete story of the Mars Task Force – It covers all of the units, giving backgrounds and march and combat experiences. It is based on data from official unit histories, diaries, and the author’s personal notes, and several months of painstaking research.
  2. An interesting story – Not cold and dry as so many unit histories are, but just as reliable and accurate. Completely uncensored, it is lively and interesting – full of fascinating stories – naming names you know – perhaps your own. It tells our true and exciting stories of hardships, of fun, of heroics.
  3. A picture album – A special supplement of reproductions of the best pictures from the Signal Corps and private collections.
  4. Drawings – Twenty-two outstanding illustrations by Mark Storm, noted book illustrator. You will know Mark Storm from his work on the author’s Texas Brags collections.

Marsmen in Burma - Hardcover

Marsmen in Burma - Trade Paperback